Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oregon-based company goes worldwide

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Van Spijker Shines At The WSA Show
Family Owned Business Goes Worldwide
A 92-year-old family-owned bootmaking business based in Scappoose, Ore., is going worldwide. Van Spijker [pronounced \’van ‘spī-ker\] boots, a luxury collection of handmade footwear, is making its WSA Show debut this week.
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True to its Dutch name and the family’s Old World shoemaking traditions, Van Spijker’s signature feature is a leather sole, hand-nailed with distinctive brass clinching nails. “Even among top shoe brands, there has been a growing trend of bringing to market inexpensive, poorly constructed footwear using overseas manufacturing. We’ve used our domestic bootmaking expertise to create a collection like nothing else available to women today,” said Roberta Shoemaker, president and CEO. “Each client will enjoy a pair of boots made to the unique contours of her feet and legs. You can’t buy that experience off the shelf at a department store.”
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The collection includes five heeled styles, each named after Van Spijker women: Klaasje, Jentje, Johanna, Fenna, and Harmina. Klaasje [pronounced /klă ’sǝ/] has leather-covered buttons while Johanna [pronounced /yō ’ hŏn’ǝ/] features numerous buckles spanning from ankle to knee.
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Fenna [pronounced /fen’nǝ/] is a knee-high boot with a hidden zipper and three different leathers on the upper, which can be smooth or suede side out (or a combination of both). The Jentje [pronounced /yӗn’shǝ/] boot is designed to hit at mid-calf with leather straps woven up the back and tied in front. The only shoe in the collection, Harmina [pronounced /har’meen ’ǝ/], has a three-inch heel and a strap across the instep fastened by either a button or buckle.

Klaasje:  -  WSAToday“We developed this collection for women who recognize and appreciate goods that are beautifully made from rich leathers with meticulous attention to the tiniest details,” Shoemaker continued. “The styles are anything but ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’ We imagine these boots will become a cherished component of a sophisticated woman’s wardrobe.” 

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