Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011-2012 Trend shoes. hooves of Jean Paul Lespagnard

2011-2012 Trend shoes. hooves of Jean Paul Lespagnard

In the seventies revival that is sweeping the fashion spring summer, are also part of some anteprome collections for autumn / winter 2011/12. And as for shoes, as denying the importance of regaining go minute by minute the feet (or extensions for wooden shoes, you name it)?

Symbol of female independence and self-assertion, with the strength of the noise they produce and the heat given aesthetic tones of wood, the skirts are accessory to the look to extremes, especially in the case of those designed by Jean Paul Lespagnard for the Fall winter 2011/2012.

Collection presented fresh to the fashion week in Paris, as always bursting with circus atmosphere from every pore (and forms, especially the shoulders), because the circus is clearly the ball of the Belgian designer, this time in a sense the 80s. And the base to tip it is a worthy complement, worn with socks, though, as in the 70s.

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